The cleaning industry grows in France

The latest news from FEP, the French Federation of Cleaning and associated services Companies which will be soon published in a report, indicate an increase in number of companies and employees.

Overall the sector is proving dynamic, with an increase of the companies that went from 32,000 to 36.00 (between 2013 and 20149), indicating that the statistic also includes individual entrepreneurs, many of whom do not make the turnover figures into account.

However, the study reported that, excluding the latter, that have been created more than 4,000 companies that have at least one employee.

In addition, the rate of insolvency of companies dropped by 10%, thus approaching that up for all sectors.

Slight increase in the number of employees 481.675 (+ 1.8%), while the turnover in the sector is fairly stable, reaching 12.3 billion euro, and the cleaning industry is always 93% of business income, despite the 2% increase of the associated services.

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