New light trap

The new SATURN – by ORMA – offers excellent performance and a small footprint.

With its attractive design and small size, it protects areas of up to 100 square meters.

The insects are attracted by the two 15 W lamps and the wide glueboard, powered with food attractants and pheromones, allows the capture in a discreet and clean way.

The particular design hides captured insects without compromising the performance and attractiveness of 15 W lamps.

Ideal for controlling flying insects in restaurants, bars, bakeries, shops and in general in all activities open to the public.

Very simple maintenance, SATURN requires very little time to replace the lamps and change the glueboards, the front cover can be easily opened to speed up the work of technicians.

SATURN is available in two different colors: white and black. Saturn complies with HACCP regulation.

The strict controls carried out during all the production cycle guarantee a high level of quality.

All the appliances carry a 2 year guarantee against all manufacturing faults (except lamps and glueboards).

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