Two systems to optimize cleaning

ITALCHIMICA, one of the main Italian manufacturers of detergents and cosmetics, has grown over time with success, thanks to the attention to customer needs.italchimica-sanitec copia

Sanitec, a leading brand in the professional sector, the company offers two systems: Quantum system, innovative in the industrial laundry, which allows the use of liquid detergents, thus avoiding fouling of pipes and the washing machine filters. It also helps to achieve a secure and constant dosing and preserves the tissue fibers.

The Trilogy system, addressed to the industrial dishwasher, allows the determination of detergent, rinse aid and sequestering independently, adapting to the situations of dirt and water hardness. It is up to four times more concentrated than a traditional product for the dishwasher.

The systems involve low power consumption, zero waste, and less storage space. Allow consistency and reliability in the dosage, control of product costs in use and monitoring and statistical processing on washes.

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