The power of steam by STI

The aim of STI is constant innovation, to allow us to live in a clean environment and therefore healthy. An example is the VapFILTER patent that ensures the total filtration of dirt. The steam system of STI is in fact a safe and fast way to clean and sanitize all surfaces. COMBY_9000_CAThese machines always grow in popularity thanks to the steam ability to eliminate germs and disinfect without the use of chemical products. The sectors of use are innumerable, from gyms, to restaurants, from mechanical labours to cold storages. It is possible to treat all types of surfaces making a deep clean and disinfection. The important advantage is definitely the reduced use of water: in fact their use is measured in litres per hour, compared to conventional cleaners whose use is measured in litres per minute. The steam cleaners Sti transform ordinary tap water into a powerful deep cleaning tool. Eliminate dirt, mildew, and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces in a few seconds.

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