Solid D03, a detergent by Bettari

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Solid D03 is a complete solid detergent – by Bettari – for professional dishwashers, formulated to remove grease and protein residues, and starchy vegetables from pots and pans.
It ensures an excellent cleaning power especially for use in soft water, and being active even at very low doses, it allows containing costs.
Complete product with sequestering and suspending agents and formulated on vegetal matrix, reduces the coefficient of friction and improves the operations of cleaning the dishes in soft and medium water.
A further advantage of the use of Solid D03 consists in the drastic reduction in the space dedicated to the storage, with the consequent decrease in the consumption of packaging.
The greatest strength, however, lies in the possibility to use it in small concentrations that ensure a saving of 30% compared to other similar detergents, optimizing value for money.
The benefits persist even in the safety sector: eliminating the possibility of spills, prevents pollution of the working environment, limiting the problems related to the handling of loads and reduces the risk of contact and injury of operators.
In addition, soluble in cold water and non-hygroscopic, avoids both the annoying packing problems and those of control of the temperatures of the water of dissolution.
To increase the brightness of crockery and glassware it is possible assist it with a specific rinse depending on the hardness of the water.
Finally, to guarantee the best performance, you should use  Solid D03 with the corresponding dissolvers, which ensure consistency in dosing.

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