Servizi di Governo, a Blue System product


Servizi di Governo is the Portal that manages in a centralized way everyday activities of all actors, internal and external to the firm, involved in providing services to the hospital, in order to improve their quality while reducing costs.

The portal tracks the processes of request, authorization and supply of services; it also provides information anywhere and in real time on the effective service delivery, time of service delivery, quality of service provided and actual costs.

The portal provides a specific and deep management of Cleaning, Laundry, Restaurants, Sterilization, Maintenance, Economic Reporting.

In addition to specialized services, Servizi di Governo allows to manage any activity, internal and external to the structure, such as auxiliary activities, concierge services, purchase requests, heavy transport, data and voice network, parking and commercial areas.

The management of the various services will be implemented in a single portal integrating all data and using a single easy interface. The Portal automatically adapts to already existing instruments (any PC, tablet and phones) without any installation cost.

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