Safety and reliability of Emilio

Emilio is a range of machines designed for cleaning, with several purposes in order to meet the users’ requirements: steam injection and extraction, water and detergent injection and extraxtion, boiler with automatic water refilling system.

Such machines are equipped with a powerful liquids exhauster and several standard steam and vacuum accessories. Further optional accessories can be connected to the machines in order to treat special surfaces such as upholstery, sofas, armchairs, parquet floors and to remove chewing gum as well.

By using steam, you can not only clean but also and above all sanitize premises, eliminating the bacteria that cause allergies and bad smell.

Safety and reliability of Emilio are guaranteed by the copper boiler, explosion-proof and anti-scale material, as well as by the external heating element which is never in touch with water.

Bieffe produces steam generators for over 30 years, with 500.000 machines sold all over the world. Bieffe guarantees spare parts, accessories and phone support in a shorter time.

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