Product Review


Quality and elegance

The Celtex philosophy is expressed in specific and targeted solutions for the cleaning and hygiene.

The company – which has gained an important position at the international level, in the world market Away From Home – believes in a high quality product, as the quality and utilization guarantees a perfect result. And all this generates the true convenience. Celtex manages the entire production process, thus ensuring maximum compliance with all the rules for the protection of the environment, safety and energy savings. The dispenser Megamini: an elegant line of dispensers for towels interleaved V and C, in different colors (black, white and chrome), means that they are suitable for every piece of furniture.



A vacuum cleaner safe

TBz21 by Depureco, is part of the Industrial Vacuum Cleaners ATEX Z21 2D.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with the ATEX directive, comes with room and container in stainless steel AISI 304, circuit breaker box in 2D IP66 certified Explosion Proof, silencer additional output filter outlet safety, signaling vacuum gauge and valve clogging the primary filter security vacuum relief valve. Great for environments at risk of explosion, the TBz21 insuresall the security guarantees that the rule requires. Upon request the ATEX version completely made of AISI 316 stainless steel (suitable for the food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries).



Effective and economical

Standard color gray, it was presented in Amsterdam, for ISSA Interclean, in a bright red: EVO 650 Evotech is a sweeping scrubber ‘ride-on’, which differs from other machines since, on equal terms, it has a very low consumption of water (and consequently of detergent). The delivered solution comes always in contact with the sweeping scrubbing, optimizing its use; collects a large amount of debris due to a large drawer. Placing two containment systems, one for bulky debris and one for the liquid muddy, the rear wiper has the sole function of drying of the residual moisture; therefore requires very little maintenance.



Dosing system for laundries

Italchimica that produces detergents from 1975 aims to make good what so far has been difficult, with products that meet the needs of consumers. Interesting new feature is the Quantum System, a modular system of automatic dosing of liquid super concentrate for washing fabrics, which saves 33% compared to the traditional method of washing. The system enables remote control of the equipment and prevention of scale formationon pipes and filters of washing machine.



The Bio Kroll, eco cosmetics

Kroll, a company since 30 years on the market in 2012 has certified a cosmetic line of ‘green’ products at the institution ICEA (certification 262 BC). To find the harmony of nature in the line of Bio Kroll shower gel, shower of shampoos, shampoos, soaps, intimate and baby line.



‘We take care of your hands’

From the forty plus years experience of Nettuno in the production of professional hand-washing products, here is the T-Small multifunction dispenser, first of its kind able to dispense not only liquid soap but also creams and gels. T-Small and all its components have been planned and made entirely by Nettuno and produced in Italy, guaranteeing total quality. 

T-Small comes in 3 versions: Industrial, grey-coloured, for dispensing gels and creams with micro-granules; Professional Cleaning, white-coloured, for dispensing foam, spray and liquid; Protection & Care, black-coloured, for dispensing protective and moisturizing creams. T-Small is equipped with the innovative “Easy Fix” system, an exclusive wall fixing system which means it can be removed and placed elsewhere with one easy movement.



Toilet paper biologically active

Bio Tech by Papernet is the new and innovative biologically active toilet paper, which contains five types of microorganisms ‘good’ (and who does not know ‘Little B’?), Which eliminates bad odors, eliminates bottlenecks, thus facilitates routine cleaning, making it more hygienic toilet.

It also protects the environment because the waste water are cleaner (fully biodegradable). Dermatologist tested, non-irritating to the skin.



A washing machine for professional cleaning 

LM MOP Imesa washing machine is designed to address the complexity of washing the floors. The Mop treated with LM MOP not only are washed as in normal washing machines, but also impregnated with the solution water – detergent floors. In this way the mop are extracted from the washing machine ready for use, with the guarantee that a MOP will be enough to clean the square determined. Not only that, LM MOP has been designed to ensure a very low environmental impact, and ensuring maximum energy savings. Indeed, it is able to modulate the consumption of water and detergent as a function of the actual load. In addition, thanks to the special insulation applied to the bath and double glass door, the washing machine IMESA can greatly reduce energy consumption. The impregnating solution for Mop, if unused, is stored in the tank placed under the washing machine to be reused in the next cycle.

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