ORMA: Flies, mosquitoes, air hygiene: there is a single solution


Flies, mosquitoes, air hygiene: there is a single solution. By ORMA

To support the effective management of comfort in everyday environments, within its Hygiene line, Orma offers a unique and innovative solution for the control, well-being, and hygiene of almost all types of enclosed spaces. This is the Air Control System, the automatic aerosol diffuser that presents itself in the market as a revolution in instant air control. When used with different spray cans, it becomes an instant insecticide, an environment disinfectant, and more generally, an air freshener.

Restaurants, bars, hotels, as well as offices, gyms, and public places, can finally free themselves from problems caused by insects like flies and mosquitoes in a simple and immediate way with the Air Control System. This guarantees their customers the highest level of tranquility and serenity, as well as air hygiene.

Thanks to its three dispensing intervals, the Air Control System is the simple and convenient solution to always offer the excellence of air quality in everyday spaces.


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