New IPC CT105: more productive, more ergonomic

Recommended for medium size spaces such as offices, small warehouses, showrooms and canteens, IPC CT105 has been designed to be very easy to use, with electronics reduced to a minimum.

CT105 is the most reliable, productive and simple machine in the market. It features :
• constant flow technology, for full control on water flow and consistent cleaning result;
• 4 batteries at 320 Ah (instead of 2 standard batteries at 240 Ah);
• a brush head up to 105 cm long;
• an “oversize” output of the dirt water tank.

Ergonomics have been remarkably improved as well. The innovative natural-grip handle assures hours of uninterrupted work without weariness. The automatic up-down brush head spares the worker fatiguing bendings. The steering radius of only 165 cm ensures wide manoeuvrability for maximum comfort while the intuitive control panel gives full command of all operative steps.

IPC CT105 is actually one of the most solid machines in the world. Designed to be failure proof, it has a full metal structure for heavy duty applications, and a rustproof chassis that can face bravely damp environments.

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