Ecological, recyclable material


PaperStone, what is it?

PaperStone is a certified (FSC, SmartWoodRainforest Alliance) post-consumer, recycled paper architectural surface material made with 100% petroleum-free, phenolic resins. Water is the predominant solvent.

It is primarily used in applications for level surfaces, including table tops, counters, window sills and door thresholds.
The recycled variety is its principal form and comes in two series or standards: “original,” made from 50% post consumer water and recycled paper; and “certified“, 100% post consumer waste.

PaperStone is also available in lighter colours made from non recycled fibres known as the “virgin” series that is still FSC certified.
Today the PaperStone is used by designers more sensitive to green issues to create unique furniture but also environmentally sustainable.

The PaperStone product is recognized for a number of features desirable in green building applications.

This is demonstrated by its eligibility for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design  is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in 150 countries) credits. The recycled content, renewable sources of materials, and lack of residual VOCs are recognized by LEED as advantageous.

Additionally, builders within the USA benefit from the material being sourced domestically, as opposed to competing stone products that are often imported and have a high embedded energy cost from being transported overseas.

And there are products specifically for clean PaperStone, such Paperstone Cleaner & Rejuvenator, specially formulated to clean existing PaperStone countertops with 100% all-natural ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. It can also be used on all-natural wood surfaces.
The polishing oils enrich the patina and natural beauty of any Paperstone or bamboo countertop, cutting board, etc.


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