Italian Laundry system EU Ecolabel

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The ECORAIN professional laundry product line Ecolaundry, produced by the South Tyrolean company HYGAN, is specifically designed for the Ho.Re.Ca. Sector. The Ecolaundry system is the first Italian Laundry system that has been certified by the EU Ecolabel association and therefore considerably more ecological than traditional laundry systems. The four main references combine high washing performance and respect for the environment and make upa complete washing system. With traditional universal powder or liquid detergents, performance depends on and is limited by the component that is consumed first, whereas in multi-component systems, such as the Ecolaundry ECORAIN, the dosage of each component can be controlled and calibrated as needed. Thanks to this, consumption is reduced to the advantage not only of users, but also of the environment. All Ecolaundry products are also free of chlorine and phosphates.

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