IPC: Innovative Hygiene Stations

IPC know-how in touchless systems, such as mopping and waste containers have been extended now to our Chemical Dispensers.
A unique program of Hygiene Stations has been developed to allow ease of use and safety without neglecting the design.


VULCANO station provides all solutions for each type of application. Extremely stable, the base of this column is the 70% of the total structure weight.
The column is made in steel fully coated material with epoxy paint, and is featured with a dispenser drop saver, a touchless or manual Levita dispenser, a holding functional tray and a waste collection bag.

This basic column structure of LIPARI is a safe, hygienic and solid station. Essential in its design this column is easy to assemble, to clean and to move.


PIANOSA is a multi-function compact, hygiene station designed to be installed on walls or commercial vehicles. Made of robust material in polypropylene, this in-motion station is particularly stable and long lasting.

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