INDEX™20 Exhibition: 7 – 10 September 2021

As a result of the ongoing uncertainty facing the world in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the INDEX™20 Organisers, PALEXPO and EDANA, have been reviewing the best course of action.

In particular, the Organisers acknowledge that the latest developments of the worldwide COVID-19 situation are not yet leading to a normalised situation.

The safety of all INDEX™20 attendees remains the Organisers’ paramount concern. Whilst PALEXPO and EDANA sincerely hope that the ravages of the virus will have abated by the end of the year, the Organisers are unable to guarantee that the very significant on-going disruptions will have been resolved by October 2020.

PALEXPO and EDANA consider it is their duty to ensure that the industry’s leading nonwovens event takes place under the best possible conditions. As such, the protection of exhibitors and visitors is the Organisers’ primary concern, in order for all attendees to meet, network and conduct new business together, as they have in past editions.

As a result, also taking into account various exchanges with the INDEX™20 stakeholders, it appears that there are obvious imperative reasons to postpone INDEX™20 and the Organisers have no other choice than to reschedule INDEX™20 once again.

More than ever before, the world increasingly recognizes the vital role played by nonwovens in protecting citizens around the globe from infection and disease. The prevailing situation has thrown into relief the sheer diversity of innovation which the nonwovens industry and its suppliers are capable of, no matter how great the challenge.

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