HYGI GEL, a sanitized gel with 65-75% alcohol

HYGI GEL by Arco Chimica is a sanitizing hand washing gel, based on 65-75% alcohol, which allows you to wash your hands without the need to rinse them. It is quick and easy to apply and works in seconds. It is practical in any situation where you want to sanitize and wash your hands when you don’t have soap and water.

In order to respond to the requirements dictated by the regulations in force in terms of prevention from Covid-19, Arco Chimica informs you that the product has obtained the following certifications:

UNI EN 1040;

UNI EN 13727;

UNI EN 13624;

UNI EN 1275;

UNI EN 1499;

UNI EN 1500;

UNI EN 1650;

UNI EN 1276.

HYGI GEL is available in several sales formats: 100 ml – 500ml – 1000 ml disposable sachet and 5kg tank.

For more information: info@arcochimica.it

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