France: difficult time for companies recycling


According to data from Federec, the federation of recycling companies, in 2014 the turnover of the companies in all industries was 9.1 billion euro, down 2% from a year earlier.

Jean-Philippe Carpentier, president of the Federation, said that the 1,300 companies have been put to the test, for the decline in oil prices and commodities in general, who have brought a lack of applications for products of raw materials recycled in favor of the ‘new’. The circular economy succumbed linear economy.

Difficult situation, then, for the industry of metals and plastics. The branch president plastic, Albert Azoubel pointed out that companies had to follow this trend, because it was more expensive plastic petroleum products than ‘virgin’.

However, there have been many advances for 30 years now: nearly 830,000 tons are recycled every year for a turnover of approximately 250 million euro. And the situation will evolve quickly, since less than 25% of plastic waste  are treated today.

Paper and cardboard

Even the field of paper and board know a moment of stagnation, but no worries the industrial sector (4 large groups and more than 300 small and medium enterprises), which treat each year more than 7 million tons of materials for recycling a turnover of 760 million Euros.

This activity, the recovery rate is very high: 82%, compared with 71% on average for all European countries.

In general, the recycling sector – which hopes to make its entry in the COP21 summit to be held in a short time in Paris – is in a dynamic growth, despite the difficult economic environment.

The companies employ more than 28,000 people, of which 85% are in CDI time, signal a desire to bond with the land; moreover, each year, an average increase of 1.8% the job indefinitely.

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