F-03, safety and high efficiency in the kitchen


ECosì presents F-03, the new product by the high degreasing power to easily remove and secure any type of residue in professional kitchens. The food industry and catering have now the opportunity to cleanse perfectly with an innovative product that does not require the mandatory use of gloves, goggles and aprons.

Thanks to its innovative chemical formula, no more risks then for operators, without suspending the service, will degrease ovens, hot plates, roasters, fryers, grills, hoods, pans and slicers. Does not affect the steel, aluminum and galvanized metal. No unpleasant odors, does not corrode plastic and rubber.

Unlike other products, it does not require heating of surfaces and for all customers is guaranteed thanks to the constant support technicians ECosì. F-03 is available in 1 kg bottle and cans of 5 and 10 kg.

Advantages of F-03: classified as non-hazardous, eliminates the risks associated with traditional degreasers, are not required special Protective Equipment-DPI, guarantees a safe working environment and respect for operators, service should not be stopped.

Easy to use, it is enough to rinse a cloth wet well or a quick refresher with running water, has a neutral odor and is not persistent, has a brightening effect on stainless steel and painted surfaces, saving on the amount of water produced and used and does not generate waste plastics thanks to rechargeable pump.

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