Ecological concentrated detergent for dishwasher

Producing in an ecological and sustainable way is, first, responsibility of companies: for this reason, year after year we are committed to offering our customers an increasingly complete family of ECOLABEL products, with a low environmental impact and high cleaning performance

Gea Matic – by BETTARI – is among the latest news!

It is a concentrated detergent for dishwashers, characterized by a high degreasing power which makes it effective even on extremely dirty dishes.

It prevents the formation of glazes on plates and glasses, as well as the deposit of limescale residues in the machine, and removes the most stubborn dirt such as that of lipstick, coffee, and grease.

Gea Matic is a product compliant with CAM criteria and Ecolabel certified, therefore rigorously tested and subjected to strict control criteria so that its effectiveness is at least equal to or higher than market standards. Choose GEA MATIC, respect the planet!

Seen in 6 kg and 24 kg cans.

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