D2W Range: high hygiene and safety in the most critical situations


Safety and hygiene are very important issues, overall when we look at medical centers, hospitals, retirement homes, pharmaceutical factories. The D2W Washing machine model by Imesa is the correct answer to this request.

Designed to allow the physical separation between dirty linen loading and clean linen unloading, Imesa D2W Range is equipped with two opposite doors and can be installed between two rooms: in this way the cross contamination between infect and sanitized linen is avoided. According to the UNI EN 14065:2004, and to the RABC certification required standards, the Imesa D2W washing machine was designed to allow the linen loading, the program selection, the detergent loading and the maintenance operations on the dirty side avoiding the clean side contamination.

The IM8 touch screen, which standard equips Imesa washers, allows to modify each single parameter of the washing program and allows to compose customized programs to satisfy each laundry need. Thanks to the USB connection, the user can download and store the programs report to certify the correct laundry work. Also, each washing machine is standard equipped with a GSM remote assistance and diagnostic system which enable the technician to test the correct machine working to avoid possible laundry stop.

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