By Carind, Value Bar Napkins


The new interfolded 2-ply napkins (11×21 cm) with its unique dispenser have been especially created to satisfy the Ho.Re.Ca. sector needs, to give style and elegance to bar, café, restaurant and hotels.

Coloured, made of pure cellulose, characterized by high absorbance, softness, endurance, Value Bar Napkins by Carind are excellent.

The exclusive Value Bar Dispenser is on the cutting-edge of the international market. With a gorgeous Italian design and endowed with the ‘one by one system’ it allows to better preserve the hygiene of the product inside.

As the napkins also the dispensers  are available in various colours and together they aim to an innovative target market that always looks for new and awesome products and solutions to appeal customers.

Value Bar Napkins & Dispensers are meant as a duo featured by Quality, Hygiene and Style.

Another Carind initiative, to make customers able to try and experience the new product, is the ‘Starter Kit Value Bar‘. Specifically studied to enjoy and appreciate the ‘Value  Bar’ range, the box contains 10 napkins refills (2 packets of each color) plus 1 dispenser.


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