ARCO Chimica: a biocidal disinfectant

GESAN is a biocidal disinfectant for washable floors and surfaces, tiles, ceramic material and so on, effective at high dilutions against multiple microorganisms.

It consists of an innovative active ingredient (triamine), characterized by a high bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity. It presents ample spectrodation towards mycobacteria responsible for tuberculosis (M. Avium, M. Terrae), Gram-bacteria (E. Coli, P. Aeruginosa), Gram + bacteria (S. Aureus, E. Hirae, L. Monocytogenes), fungi and yeasts (C. Albicans) and encapsulated viruses (A. H1 N1, Vaccinia, HVC). It is effective even at low temperatures.

It has excellent detergent properties. It does not contain VOC, Aldehydes, Chlorine, and Ammonium salts. Gesan PMC is widely used in the food industry: canning, confectionery, dairy, meat processing, oenology, etc.

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