Air Control Sanitizer® – by ORMA – is a line of ready-to-use aerosol disinfectant cans based on quaternary ammonium salts, effective against bacteria, yeasts and viruses for use in environments, on objects and surfaces.

It is available in three different formats (500 ml, 250 ml with metered valve and 150 ml with total release valve) to adapt to the different needs.

Air Control Sanitizer® complies with standards for application in the medical, food, industrial, domestic and institutional areas: EN14476 and EN16777 for effectiveness on encapsulated and some non-encapsulated viruses; EN 13697: 2015 + A1: 2019 of bactericidal and yeasticidal efficacy; EN1276: 2019 of bactericidal efficacy; EN1650: 2019 of yeasticidal efficacy.

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