Accreditation Scheme for industrial cotton mops


CHSA is now launching the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Scheme for Cotton Mops. Its purpose is to drive up standards in the manufacture, description and labelling of mops.

CHSA, Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers’ Association, represents more than 200 manufacturers and distributors from the cleaning and hygiene sector throughout the UK.

Buyers of cotton mops want to be able to quickly and easily buy the right mop for the job in hand. This new scheme will help them do exactly that, by defining and standardising long established terms at the same time as specifying specific mop sizes for particular applications.” said Mike Stubbs, Chairman of the CHSA Accreditation Schemes.

The new Accreditation Scheme covers Socket, Clip and Kentucky mops. It requires that:

* The size of mops within the scope of the Standard shall be determined and indicated by the weight of yarn making up the mop head;
* All mops within the Standard be labelled with the mop size and / or the minimum weight of yarn;
* The Accreditation Scheme mark must be included on the labels of mops within the Standard.

Stubbs continues. “Buyers of these products have a right to be confident that they are getting what they pay for. Too many organisations cut corners and sell product that is deficient or not fit for purpose.
The stamp of the relevant Accreditation Scheme on the label gives buyers the confidence that they will not be short -changed and are instead buying an appropriate product from a reputable business.

Organisations interested in joining the new scheme or finding out more should email the CHSA Secretariat at:

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