Next Evo, a functional scrubber drier

The new SCL Next Evo range of Lavorwash has two battery types: 66 BTA dual brush (sweeping width: 660 mm), 55 BT (track cleaning: 550 mm). Designed for the maintenance and deep cleaning of large areas (up to 1700 m) it is recommended for cleaning the car salons, stores, gyms, spas. Ultra silent also thanks to the positioning and insulation of the suction motor directly in the cover of the collection tank, have filter of detergent and solenoid valve, steel frame treated with cataphoresis solution and high resistance lacquer, of great thickness, to ensure solidity and robustness in time. lavorwash Next EVO copia 2traction wheels have a large diameter to improve sealing and easily climbing slopes or uneven floors. New digital control panel is simple and intuitive, with: profitability control through the hour counter, control for driving brushes, vacuum motor switch, detergent regulation system, switch direction and speed controller.

The model 66 BTA has automatic actuator brush lifting standards, which enables the user to lift the brushes flat group pushing a switch.


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