INTERCLEAN Amsterdam announces Healthcare Forum

Interclean Amsterdam announces 2018 Healthcare Forum: Added Value Meets Patient Safety

Looking to bring healthcare and cleaning professionals together, RAI Amsterdam has released the full schedule for its inaugural International Healthcare Forum – set to run alongside  Interclean Amsterdam, the world’s leading trade show for cleaning and hygiene professionals on Wednesday 16 May.Schermata 2018-03-26 alle 18.09.02

The future of healthcare will be on display at Interclean Amsterdam 2018, with the show featuring a dedicated healthcare segment and events taking place at the Healthcare CleaningLAB. On top of this, the exhibition will offer healthcare and cleaning professionals the chance to be part of a unique educational experience – the International Healthcare Forum.

Featuring expert speakers from around the world, the Healthcare Cleaning Forum is separate to Interclean Amsterdam 2018, but will run alongside it on day two of the show. It aims to raise awareness, discuss best practice and explore the latest research on how cleaning can have an impact on antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) and infection prevention and control (IPC).1341-64c811f3c4a421ca9d3f04641b220277 (1)

Disease and infection do not recognize borders, so neither should our knowledge and understanding of how to prevent them – said Professor Didier Pittet, Director of the Infection Control Programme and World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety – That is why we have introduced the first-ever International Healthcare Forum. By bringing healthcare and cleaning professionals together to discuss their challenges, we aim to improve communications between the two areas and add to the conversation on how best to approach AMS and IPC“.

Explore the issues
Running from 10:00 to 16:00 on Wednesday 16 May, the Healthcare Cleaning Forum will feature a diverse programme of seminar sessions delivered by a number of international experts in their field. It will explore key topics, develop awareness of the importance of cleaning, and discuss the latest research – all with the aim of increasing patient safety and reducing antibiotic use.

The sessions taking place at the Healthcare Cleaning Forum will investigate a range of areas, including: better methods for how to educate, train and improve cleaning; understanding cleaning in relation to safety (for patients and staff); the economic impact, and how it can alleviate the financial burden that HAIs place on healthcare organisations; and how to make the most of new research and technologies.

As well as the seminars, the Healthcare Cleaning Forum will host an executive summary, during which visitors will gain an understanding of the links between IPC and environmental cleaning – along with how it can positively affect patient outcomes. There will also be a global Q&A session when attendees will be invited to share their perspectives and challenges.

Meet the speakers
Featured expert speakers at the International Healthcare Cleaning Forum will include Professor Didier Pittet, introducing a new, efficient cleaning model based on WHO standards; Pierre Parneix, discussing how to select the right cleaning agents and techniques to tackle different pathogens; Andreas Voss, exploring the dangers and outcomes of ineffective cleaning practices; Andreea Moldovan, looking at why knowledge is a key element of healthcare cleaning; Jon Otter, investigating a cost-benefit analysis of cleaning and infection prevention; and Markus Dettenkofer, sharing insight on how to take practical approaches from the latest research and identify the latest technology.

Discover more
The Healthcare Cleaning Forum is the first event of its kind to bring healthcare and cleaning professionals together – and will be a key step towards providing effective infection prevention and control, with the ultimate aim of improving patient safety.

Find out more about the speakers, explore the full programme of events and register to attend the Healthcare Cleaning Forum by visiting the website.


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