Zika virus in the US: alarm for indoor

Starting in September, the Zika virus is officially on American soil. The spread of the virus, which is transmitted mainly through bites by specific strains of mosquitoes (the first found in the Miami area), represents a disturbing development for not only one of the largest hubs of tourism in the country, but also for a region with a climate that is warm all year.3 copia

The spread of Zika should slow down with decreasing temperature, a factor that influences the development stages of insects, but they are the regions where the word ‘cold’ has declined relatively. Stan Cope, director of Entomology and regulatory services for Terminix, he said it takes up to two weeks for an infected mosquito to have the ability to transmit the disease to humans. “The more the weather is warm it is, as long as adults they live,” he said Cope, which he regarded as not all mosquitoes are equal, and that many of them are not able to forward Zika. In fact, the virus is transmitted mainly having as vettorida insects that operate during the day; the mosquitoes that bite at night – and are more common – they have almost no chance to carry the disease.

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