Wear it like a backpack and take the clean everywhere

Wear it like a backpack and take the clean everywhere

CA BACK is Comac’s backpack professional vacuum cleaner. It’s light, handy and powerful, able to clean any type of surface, even the most difficult areas.

Convenience and freedom of movement are just some of the benefits provided by CA BACK. The compact design and the comfortable adjustable straps make this vacuum cleaner suitable for everyone, to make it the perfect ally for everyday cleaning operations.

Powerful and light, CA BACK is suitable for the use in difficult environments such as: trains, buses, boats, airplanes, cinemas, theatres, stairs, offices, hotels and accommodation facilities.


Mains-powered, that allow the operator to move anywhere safely, without worrying about charging


Battery powered, for freely cleaning, even areas without electricity. Thanks to the lithium battery it can work continuously for 60 minutes, ensuring constant performances over time

Comfort and high performance are combined in CA BACK creating a vacuum cleaner all to be tried.

The wide range of accessories available, makes this vacuum cleaner extremely versatile and performing, able to clean every dirt condition.

To discover all the features of CA BACK visit our website www.comac.it

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