A wash-and-dry sweeper by Evotech

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The EVO 650 model is a “man on board” wash-and-dry sweeper which differs from the current machines in production in that, under the same conditions, we have a very low consumption of water and consequently of detergent compared to all the other washer dryers/wash-and-dry sweepers with cylindrical brushes; in fact, even on the tightest curves and without the aid of lateral wipers, there isn’t the slightest dispersal of the cleaning fluid; the fluid distributed is always in contact with the sweeping-washing unit, thereby optimising its use; it can collect large quantities of debris thanks to its large size container.

Total filtering: dust extraction filters are not required since the action of the sweeping unit is preceded by jets of water and/or detergent.

With two containment systems, one for heavy debris and one for muddy liquid, the rear wiper has the sole function of drying off any remaining dampness; therefore it requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, since there is no leakage to the sides (the EVO 650 machine turns on itself without leaving trails of water and without the aid of side wipers), the rear wiper does not therefore need to extend outside the body of the machine to dry the fluid that all other machines disperse to the sides.

The sweeping/cleaning unit and the wiper are raised off the ground, avoiding damage due to obstacles, ruts or depressions in the floor: it isn’t necessary to disassemble either the brushes or the wiper even when loading the machine on to trucks.

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