UK: modest growth for the professional cleaning market

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A English report on the market of products and equipment for professional cleaningin 2015-2019 –  which in recent years has been for the most part linear, still provides a modest growth in the coming years.

How related  by the British newspapers, the main trends in this area include: increasing development of antibacterial products (especially in the health, food preparation and hospitality), the growth of the cleaning machine, greater focus on improving efficiency and increased automation of cleaning processes, and increased cleaning during the day.

The market continues to be strongly driven by the law and by the highest standards for cleanliness, hygiene, health and safety.

Cleaning companies

It is a mature and fragmented market , which  still holds good, despite budget cuts in both the public and private sectors, compared to other sectors.

The biggest impact is the increase of the hourly wage: April 2016, the salary will be £ 7.20, £ 9.00 stimated to by 2020.

The consequence will be a rise in the market – where labor costs have the greater effect – and there will be growth in demand for machinery and equipment by larger companies, to improve performance and control costs.

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