TTS trolleys: Mini Magic and Magic+

Magic Line has been enriched by the last-born in TTS, Mini Magic trolleys, which have been developed in order to concentrate in a small area all the features and advantages of Magic Line. Choose the best configuration for your needs: storage area, waste collection or washing area and you’ll have all you need in 50x52cm, with a trolley which is easy to move and carry around. 1601_CC_prodotto TTS#B8370FAt last you can enter small areas as offices, elevators, storage closets.

Moreover, thanks to the new TTS plastic hooks, you can create Magic+: a fully accessorised trolley connected to a smaller mobile workplace; when you need it, with a click you disconnect a part from the main trolley and avoid going back to the trolley, just bringing with you only what you need. This attachment/detachment system, which can be applied to the whole Magic Line, does not fear uneven floors: its particular structure allows you to overcome small steps or obstacles.

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