TTS: Pockety makes a clean job for you

TTS: Pockety makes a clean job for you

At Interclean TTS presented a system for completely touch-free mop release: thanks to Pockety, disposing of them without coming into contact with dirt, viruses and bacteria is now a reality.

The operator is no longer forced to touch the dirty fibres to detach the used mops nor does he have to constantly bend over to pick them up. He simply removes the frame from the lid to immediately detach the used mop which is collected in the net bag inside the bucket. This ensures a high level of hygiene and cross-contamination control, making emptying and laundry operations even faster and more hygienic.

Pockety is suitable to be used with the entire range of mops with pockets, both washable and disposable, allowing the operator to use the appropriate mop for the type of surface to be treated and the degree of dirt.


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