The new aerosol format for Bromospray disinfectant

This well-known and successful disinfectant for surfaces and fabrics, manufactured by ICEFOR, is now available in the aerosol version.

Bromospray aerosol is suitable for a rapid and effective disinfection of all kinds of washable surfaces and fabrics (matrasses, pillows, cushions, curtains, rugs, carpet, …), and of equipment and tools in general.  

The scentless version is suitable for food industry, the scented one (ocean breeze) for the sanitization of rubbish bins, phones, keyboards, remote controllers, air conditioners and their filters.

We are starting off with two formats, 150 ml and 400 ml, with a double option of distribution: spray and self-emptying.

Bromospray removes bad smells of food, mould, humidity and smoke, and does not affect metals thanks to its antioxidant action.

It has been tested on gram-positive bacteria such as Staphilococcus Aureus and Enterococcus Hirae and on gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia Coli and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

It is also effective against fungi, yeast and moulds, and its action has been tested on Candida Albicans and Aspergillus Niger.

Bromospray has also proved to be effective against Listeria Monocytogenes and Legionella Pneumophila.

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