Tecnovap: STEAM-X: the new bedbug extermination system



Tecnovap, the worldwide leading company in the steam cleaning sector, has recently launched its newSteam-Xsuperheated gun, specifically created to eliminate bedbugs with the power of high-temperature steam!

Steam-X is perfect for removing these annoying insects without the use of any harmful chemicals, making it a true eco-friendly pest eradication device. The effectiveness of Steam-X has been laboratory tested and certified on all life stages of the bug, including the eggs.

Steam generated in the boiler is superheated inside the gun to a temperature of 130°C, which allows to easily eliminate bedbugs in a matter of seconds with just a single passage.

This system is not only the best ally for all companies in the pest control industry, but also for those in the Ho.Re.Ca. world. In fact, Tecnovap’s steam generators can be used with many other tools and for a variety of cleaning operations inside all hospitality facilities.



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