STI: welcome to the new ‘Qv7 PRO’

QV7 PRO is the brand-new steam generator designed by STI, ideal for professional use.

QV7 PRO is a “comby” model, as it’s equipped with a “suction” function.

This technology, called DryMaster, allows the operator to vacuum and dry-up perfectly the surface treated with steam.

The boiler has a capacity of 1.5 liters, which develops 7 bar of power thanks to a pair of heating elements of 2,400W in total.

The boiler is equipped with the exclusive Non- Stop System, which facilitates the continuous supply of water.

Thanks to our exclusive DoseMaster technology (from 1 to 8 levels), the electronic management of the “steam / detergent” mixture allows you to mix the ideal quantity of solution with steam, thus avoiding any waste.

QV7 PRO is equipped with the exclusive VAP Filter System, a technology patented by us that duplicates the cleanliness of the intake air. In fact, in addition to the normal water filter, the machine is equipped with a steam filter that eliminates micro-dust, pollen and mites.

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