STI: The entire line of steam cleaners


The entire line of steam cleaners produced by STI STEAM INDUSTRY has been recently displayed at the Interclean 2024 trade fair, in Amsterdam.

Visitors have particularly appreciated STI’s new model, BugsBuster.
BugsBuster is a new single-phase steam generator designed by STI Steam Industry specifically for a bedbug free environment. Its innovative approach provides an eco-friendly and highly effective solution to the control of these pests.

The steam produced by BugsBuster differs from other steam generators because it is compressed and super-heated again before being dispensed.
Bugsbuster is equipped with a 1200W superheating element that raises the steam temperature from 156°C to 220°C. Such temperature is necessary to eradicate bedbugs and various pests on the spot without dispersing them into the environment.

The superheated, saturated steam penetrates deep into fabric surfaces, eliminating both bed bugs and their eggs, even if they are deposited in the most impenetrable hiding places.
The super-dry steam generated does not wet mattresses, upholstery, fabrics, etc.

The use of BugsBuster, additionally, guarantees very clean surfaces, free from bacteria and microorganisms.





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