Smart solutions by TTS

MagicArt is the line of TTS trolleys designed to meet the needs of the hotel industry. It represents the true evolution of the trolley because it allows to customize not only the components, thanks to modular design, but also the aesthetic appearance of the workstation. 1510_Cleaning_Community_MAGICARTWith MagicArt you can completely decorate doors and walls with any writing, graphics, photography or logo, making the cart integral to the surrounding environment. It’s a line that perfectly combines image and functionality: Accurate design combines elegantly the different styles of individual hotels, without sacrificing the features of a solid, efficient and versatile cart with great attention to detail.

Moreover, in order to transport ergonomically food, dishes and trays TTS Cleaning proposes SHELF line trolley, ideal for restaurants, fast food and canteens. Made in plastic and aluminium, Shelf is lightweight, strong (up to 50 kg total load capacity per shelf) and hygienic because its structure allows an easy cleaning. Moreover, it assures a noiseless moving compared to traditional metal trolleys


Thanks to its modular designit is possible to add other shelves, while the modern and discrete layout and the possibility to have it in two colour versions make it ideal for hospitality and Hotel sectors. From today, it is also available with three closing walls: thanks to this new structure, it is even safer and transport is faster, reinforcing its strength and allowing greater load.

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