Simple, lightweight, professional

The new Duplex 280i scrubber dryer is extremely compact in size, ideal for professionally cleaning small rooms as well as household cleaning tasks. Suited to any type of floor or carpeting, it assures outstanding results, even though it weighs no more than 13 Kg. Its small size makes it perfect for working in restricted spaces and under the furniture. The Duplex 280i combines functionality and manoeuvrability with long-lasting reliability: it features an aluminium housing which seals off all its components and prevents water and dust getting in. Easy to use, transport between jobs and store away – the Duplex 280i makes cleaning a cinch. The machine features a safety handle for switching it on and off instantaneously, as required by ENEC® regulations. The machine’s exclusive patented system of intelligent brushes makes it easy to clean right up to the wainscoting and into the corners. The brushes are bayonet mounted, and can be removed/replaced in a flash by just pressing a lever. The dual washing system exploits the synergy of two counter-rotating brushes running at 3.75 m/s.

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