Safe restarting with TTS solutions

TTS’s solutions are a perfect tool against the spread of the new Coronavirus: the professional floor stands, and the practical Hygiene Point offer direct access to hand sanitisers and disposable gloves, indispensable tools to prevent contamination.

The special range meets the different needs of hotels, restaurants, bars and in general all activities that need to be equipped with locations that ensure hand hygiene:

  • the Square Stand combined with the refillable dispenser is available in the version with and without gloves compartment,
  • the Tower Stand is suitable for most sanitiser formats and glove packs and is designed to hold an information sheet,
  • the Elegance Stand with sanitiser compartments and gloves stands out for its refined design while
  • the Hygiene Point offers two shelves for sanitiser and gloves or disposable cloths and a section for waste collection.

The range has recently been enriched with a new, highly hygienic solution: the Stand with automatic dispenser is equipped with a photocell to eliminate any contact during dispensing.

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