Referendum in Bavaria for bees

Rette die Bienen” – Save the bees – this is the slogan of the petition that in Bavaria in just 14 days has collected more than 1 million 750 thousand signatures.

In practice, more than 18% of Bavarian voters have signed to hold a referendum whose goal is to strengthen the use of organic farming and to protect biodiversity.

The referendum project foresees, in the name of biodiversity protection, that by 2025 20% of the agricultural land can be cultivated with biological criteria, a percentage that must reach 30% in 2030.

10% of the green areas in Bavaria will also have to be transformed into flower meadows, while pesticide protection measures are planned for rivers and lakes, creating non-cultivated areas at least 5 meters wide along their course.

At least one million signatures were needed to get the vote. And almost doubled, despite the opposition of some farmers’ associations who are concerned about the economic implications of the measures envisaged, arguing that the existing measures are already sufficient to protect the environment and biodiversity.

Unfortunately, reality is completely different. In Germany, in the last 30 years only a quarter of flying insects have survived, the number of birds has been halved, and half of the pollinating insects are at risk of extinction – or already extinct.

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