RCM presents KILO


KILO – by RCM –  is the smallest professional scrubber drier in the market and is ‘unique’ thanks to the original and innovative technical solutions of its design; is ‘unique’ thanks to the high efficiency of the scrubbing system, the drying in turns (swinging half-circle squeegee), the dust emissions control (dust filter) and the comfortable use (steering wheel built in controls).
All controls are easy to reach and located in the steering wheel. The ‘One Touch’ button starts scrubbing and suction systems at once.
KILO Is the only machine of its category equipped with proper seat. The seat can be adjustable in order to fit any operator size and habits (optional).
More maneuverable than a walk behind scrubber and as productive as a ride in machine, it can reduce the cleaning cost up to 38%.
The sprinkling system efficiently sprays solution all over the scrubbing path allowing water and detergent savings. It prevents that solid debris that could be sucked from the ground end up into the recovery tank, clogging the discharge.
The air exhausted by the suction motor is cleaned by mean of a filter which highly limits air pollution and reduces noise.
Large autonomy: the sliding battery compartment guarantees easy battery maintenance and allows quick battery swap.
Thanks to its shape and swing angle, the squeegee perfectly surrounds the scrub head. This guarantees perfect drying even in very tight turns.

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