RCM: Combo E, a new scrubber drier

COMBO E is the battery operated combined machine safe like all RCM machines with its front driving position: it grants maximum visibility and working precision.

Robust and reliable like all RCM machines, Combo is effective in long-running sessions and reduce maintenance costsrcm combo e logo ing copia

All RCM machines have high performances. With the highly efficient battery of Combo E you cut off costs reducing fuel and maintenance costs without giving up the high power, performance, and safety.

Combo E by RCM is the combination that allows the user to clean floors with maximum efficiency according to their specific needs, precisely because it was built with the idea of “tailored cleaning”.

Indeed with Combo E it is finally easy to fully manage the energy resources, through partial recharging actions of the lithium battery that guarantees maximum flexibility in organizing cleaning activities.

Combo E recharges 50% its lithium battery in 60 minutes only so you can clean “without limits”, planning long work shifts, reducing downtime and reacting promptly to any unexpected events.

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