PULIRE Verona: Clean Europe

The second race of Clean Europe will take place at PULIRE, on May 21.
Clean Europe is a competition for cleaning-technology professional tournament  that consists of four races and the finals. Tennant contest, Cluj-Napoca, 31/03/2015, Pulire, Verona, 21/05/2015, Kärcher contest, Budapest, 10/06/2015, Budapest (competition and finals at MATISZ’ s annual conference) 20/10/2015.
Each race will have two events: BASIC CLEANING (using single disk machine and wet vacuum cleaner) and IMPREGNATED MOPPING.

Two-membered teams with an expert can enter the competition. To enter the finals, each team had to participate in at least one of the races and had to be qualified for the finals. Races are supervised by the jury.

The results will be given according to execution. Jury of the competition are the expterts of the teams and independent experts delegeted by organizers. The experts can’t assess their own team. Each team and their members will receive certificates.
For any further info visit the website: www.pulire-it.com

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