Pulire Polvere di Stelle: a ‘Stardust’ will pervade the Verona’s sky


Pulire 2.1 this year closes the first day with a completely new formula: on May 19 the event will not close at 6.00 pm but will continue with ‘Pulire Polvere di Stelle’ (Pulire Stardust).

Exhibitors and visitors will find in the outside area B, in front of Hall 6, a real party with music, pizza and beer for free. Guest star of the evening Eugenio Finardi, a famous Italian singer, who with his band will be performing live in his ‘Fibrillating Tour‘, starting at 08.00 pm.


Music and food will not fail before, during and after the concert, until 11.00 pm.

At 07.30 pm there will be a very important moment focused on the awarding of the winner of the Innovation Award Pulire 2015. This event was historically reserved to the last day of the fair.

At the party will be able to access all the exhibitors and all visitors, both those who were at the fair during the day and who wish to return to the event, both those who are still at the fair, both those who want to participate in Stardust without still have visited the fair, which can enter through the recording previously made online on Pulire website.

Pulire Polvere di Stelle (Pulire Stardust) wants to give everyone the opportunity to live the exhibition in an informal and friendly mood, meeting the customers not only in the formal dining but in a great time of networking and relationship.

This party wants to shine the fair, itself composed of many stars. Real stars are in fact all the manufacturers, distributors and all operators who perform housekeeping and hygiene, and all those who every day they offer a valuable contribution to the quality of life and the protection of collective health.

Sponsors of the event are Celtex, Ghibli, Ica Systems, Kärcher, TMB; Italpizza.


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