POLTI partecipates in INTERCLEAN Amsterdam Online 2020

Polti Sani System and the professional line Polti Vaporetto are protagonists at the ‘virtual’ fair

Polti participates in the Interclean Amsterdam Online 2020 exhibition, the main event for the professional cleaning sector, which this year, due to the pandemic,is not held in person, but online. The event is hosted on a dedicated portal active until 31th December, with a particular focus from 3rd to 6th November, days in which virtual meetings are scheduled on the mandatory issues of the moment. For Polti, which participates in the fair with a page dedicated to the company and its products, it is an opportunity to present the Polti Sani System steam sanitizing range and the Polti Vaporetto cleaning and vacuuming range for professional environments:

POLTI SANI SYSTEM is the patented system for steam sanitization up to 180°C developed in 2006 in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Pavia and dedicated to the disinfection of environments at risk of biological contamination. Its effectiveness has been tested in eliminating up to 99.999% * of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and spores.

– PROFESSIONAL LINE POLTI VAPORETTO is the range of steam cleaners with  suction ideal for a deep, natural and immediate cleaning. Effective against germs and bacteria, thanks to the natural power of steam, it guarantees excellent disinfection results ** in the medical and professional fields. The products of the range satisfy both cleaning and disinfection needs. Customizable through the numerous accessories, they are the perfect solution for all environments.

Despite the impossibility of being physically present, the virtual mode adopted will guarantee members of the cleaning industry a place to meet, share information and knowledge, and further improve their skills, especially in a period like the current one, in which hygiene it is considered essential for public and private health.

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