ORMA: to biodegrade oils and fats

ENZYMA® is a bacterial and enzymatic disgorging liquid that allows to remove the organic patina formed in the drains by ORMA. These organic residues, oils and edible fats, constitute the ideal substrate for the proliferation of Drosophila sp. Larvae (Fruit flies) and Clogmia sp. (Gnats of the drains).

Enzyma® is a ready-to-use product, non-aggressive for plants, useful in pipes and grease separators.

In case of strong infestation of these insects, interventions with adulticidal insecticides may not be sufficient, but it is necessaryto intervene at the base of the problem. In addition, the product can be useful as a prevention. Using Enzyma on a regular basis to clean the drains minimizes the risk of a potential infestation or re-infestation.

Ducts: apply between 100 and 400 ml of product twice a week depending on the diameter of the canalization and until the problems are resolved. Apply the product directly to the affected drains and let the water flow.

Fat separators: use 250 ml per 200 liters of capacity. Apply somewhere close to the separator or directly on the fat surface. Renew applications until problems disappear.

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