New look for industrial vacuum

 Delfin_new models.jpg

The industrial vacuums that have always been a reference within the Delfin’s range of products, reinvent their look and here are models DG Exp, DM3 and Zefiro 75. Thanks to their outstanding performance, the incredible strength of construction and the quality of their components they have become true bestsellers.  Despite the absolute reliability and solid construction of these machines, Delfin has decided, in 2011, to invest in long term research and development, aimed to the modernization and innovation of its three flagship models. The project aimed to bring innovation through the introduction of new materials and modern industrial design, succeeding and exceeding expectations. Moreover, the usability of these powerful vacuum cleaners has been improved, through the introduction of simple but effective improvements, including a new release system of the container and the introduction of new accessory holders. Thanks to the extreme suction performance and the excellent quality filters, Delfin vacuum cleaners will continue keeping working environments clean and safe for the operators.

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