Much more then an electric broom!


Lindhaus is a company based in Padova that designs and produces since 1987 innovative cleaning machines for  internal use which have become the benchmark in the market. The HEALTHCARE pro multifunction electric brooms have been totally renewed while retaining the characteristics of maneuverability, elegance and reliability common to all Lindhaus machines.  The machine comes as electric broom with vacuum cleaning accessories on board. For large areas it is possible to use the M32R universal nozzle. The energy class certification of this machine is “A”. The power of the high efficiency Rotafil vacuum motor is 700W only. The machine, if equipped with a special back pack kit becomes a comfortable back pack vacuum cleaner for cinemas, theatres, trains etc. For the cleaning of carpets and rugs just remove the universal nozzle and insert the M30e or M38e power nozzle according to the dimensions to be cleaned.

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