MP-HT: the sweepers evolution


During INTERCLEAN AMSTERDAM 2024, the global trade show dedicated to professional cleaning, we had the pleasure of welcoming many clients, dealers, and friends to our stand. This event was not only an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions, but also the perfect moment to show our latest innovations. Specifically, we introduced our two new ride-on sweepersWIND ANT E4H and STOUT E+. These professional cleaning machines are the embodiment of our new design approach, where technology brings to life innovative solutions that simplify work and enhance operator well-being, making our sweepers increasingly collaborative.



STOUT E+: evolution without compromises

With a front loading system and a large 500-litre container, the MP-HT’s largest sweeper, in the new version STOUT E+ MAX 170 has been fully electrified and the hydraulic mechanisms have been replaced with electrical ones. The new motors, with a lower voltage of 24 volts instead of the classic 36 volts, ensure greater flexibility in the use of components and batteries, simplifying management and minimizing maintenance. STOUT E+ MAX 170 is a compact and extremely robust industrial sweeper, designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges of heavy industry in a comfortable and “fun” way. For more information, download the data sheet. 


WIND ANT E4H: 100% electric tireless sweeping

WIND ANT is an advanced ride-on sweeper designed to make ordinary cleaning work comfortable and enjoyable. Despite its compact size, it is capable of effectively and accurately collect large amounts of debris and waste. This is possible thanks to the innovative collection system that combines a powerful suction with a conveyor belt, ensuring the full loading of the waste container. The comfortable driving position and the adoption of advanced technology guarantee an easy, intuitive, and safe user experience. It is a tireless and extraordinarily efficient sweeper that makes sweeping an effortless task for those who use it. For more information, download the data sheet.

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