KLINMAK: MINI 1249, scrubber dryer even more compact

Based on the three-year experience of the Trion range, Mini1240 is born: the walk behind scrubber dryer even more compact, manageable and easy to transport on vehicles such as cars and station wagons.

With a solution capacity of 12 liters and a 406mm (2×8 ”) double brush head, the Mini 1240 has the widest working path on the market in its segment.

As is known, the use of the double brush, almost impossible to find in this type of models, guarantees a higher quality of cleaning than the single brush.

The use of the lithium battery makes Mini 1240 usable in an almost continuous cycle, as the charging time is less than 2 hours; therefore, the unproductive charging time, around 12 hours, typical of scrubber driers with Gel / AGM batteries, is avoided.

A big step forward for the cleaning task.

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