Kärcher presents BR 35/12 C Bp, a new concept of cleaning

BR 35-12  Bar

BR 35/12 C Bp Pack, the scrubbing machine of the future. A futuristic project on the world of cleaning: designed and built characterized by total maneuverability, this machine has Kart system with rotating head 200 degrees to each side that allows a steering angle extreme Runs on virtually itself – with the ability to access in tight spaces and wash and dry even in reverse with a simple gesture, turning the steering wheel.

This feature – unique in its segment of the market – makes the BR 35/12 C Bp cleaning tool ideal for kitchens of restaurants (non-slip floors), dining rooms or meeting (also effective under the tables), the aisles of fresh supermarkets, waiting rooms of hotels and each other area contained by the size where it is necessary to intervene several times a day, with maximum speed and discretion, even in the presence of the public. By Kärcher.

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